Jerryville started out as a 4-piece band in Trondheim, Norway 1999. The band recorded and released the full-length album Pax Americana in early 2004. This album was apart from drums and bass completely rerecorded and released in a new version in 2013.With all 4 members heavily involved in other projects the band was put on a hiatus in 2005. Nemo continued to write music for the project though and in 2012 Jerryvilles second album Accumulator was released. Nemo recorded this album by himself. He eventually ended up very dissatisfied with 4 of the albums songs and in 2013 the album was withdrawn. In 2015 a completely rerecorded version of the album was released with the 4 songs replaced. Jerryville is currently a one man project and there are no plans of doing live-shows.
Nemo: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboard
Arve Gulbrandsen: Drums (Pax Americana)
Trond Frønes: Bass (Pax Americana)
Jørn G. Andersen: Guitars (Pax Americana)